I want to write about this, but I’m actually too scared. I’m scared that whatever I write down will become irreparably true, as if god, or fate, or the universe can read my thoughts. I have too much power over the universe. Bad things always seem to happen when I’m not even paying attention. Or when I’m paying attention to something else.


  1. kore

    That was just a Naughty entry. some dude hasn’t written about. Great clue for cluelessness.

  2. Robyn E. Kenealy

    Lol! He may, or may not need a serious slapping.

    No, but seriously, maybe this is a Catholic thing, but I relate to Gaius on this hardcore – something terrible happens, and because I’ve anticipated it, contemplated it, I delude myself that I brought it about.

    Maybe it’s “meta” too, in that whatever he writes DOES become narratively true…