“Ten Afghan civilians killed in latest Afghan violence” (Justin Webb)



after the marketplace
bomb explodes . . .
three children
tossing a head
of lettuce





“Ten Afghan civilians killed in latest Afghan violence” (Monsters and Critics)


Poem by Justin Webb (seeĀ poet biographies). ReadĀ more by this poet.




  1. Laurence Stacey

    Well done Justin! I knew this was a stellar poem the moment I saw it!

  2. Dick Whyte

    I second that Laurence – an amazing poem Justin. I certainly look forward to seeing more as well.

    Great work!!

  3. Chen-ou Liu

    The concluding imagery is shockingly appealing.

    Justin, an engaging read. Thanks for sharing.


  4. zofia

    What amazing juxtaposition of images. I expected the children to be throwing a human head. The lettuce is a perfect ending. Love this poem, Justin.

  5. Justin Webb

    Thank you everybody for your lovely comments! I’m happy you enjoyed the poem.

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