“Teazers boss fuming as stripper seeks new life” (Laurence Stacey)



………………..party over
………………..the stripper tells me
………………..her real name





“Teazers boss fuming as stripper seeks new life” (Tonight)


Poem by Laurence Stacey (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Dick Whyte

    Amazing poem Laurence! I love this one. Subtle, clever, and heartfelt. And a perfect choice of words. Great work man.

  2. Chen-ou Liu

    I second Dick. And I think the opening line could have multiple meanings, one of which could be read as a poetic counter-response to the news piece.

    Laurence, an engaging read.


  3. James Tipton

    This is a nice piece of work. I like to see the “tease” or the “come on” or the coy finger that curves and beckons us…suddenly rush into real life…giving us his or her “real name”.

    After I read this I had the bizarre thought this would also have worked equally well with the previous headline: “Stockton, California is Foreclosureville, USA, Has One of the Worst Foreclosure Rates in The United States.”

    I look forward to more Laurence!

  4. Laurence Stacey

    Thanks guys! these are some great readings!

    James and Chen-ou,

    I love the different perspectives each of you gave on the opening line of this poem. I have been working alot with the concept of “ma” lately and how the opening line creates space for the poem to unfold. Thanks for your kind words!

    Oh and congrats Chen-ou on your poem in Heron’s Nest. Its a great piece!

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