“Teen sells virginity for $45,000 online” (Dick Whyte)



………………..virgin territory…
………………..the price of education
………………..rises again





“Teen sells virginity for $45,000 online” (Stuff)


Poem by Dick Whyte (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    The opening line is powerful. I’m impressed by its layering meaning on meaning to reach deep into the human dilemma.

    Dick, an engaging read.


  2. Dick Whyte

    Thanks Chen-ou,

    I am so pleased that you have unpacked the poem – it really means a lot to have your poem received by such a sensitive reader. Many thanks.

  3. Holly

    Dick, I’ve been reading your haiku on DailyHaiku the past few days and now here. They are all fantastic. I admire your skill with this art form!

  4. Editor

    Thanks so much Holly – that really means a lot. I am so pleased they are enjoyed. I had actually forgotten that the Daily Haiku poems were going up this week, so thanks for reminding me too.

  5. Editor

    One thing – in case anyone looks at this – what do you think of this version:

    virgin territory…
    educations prices
    on the rise

    It was a variation I had of the poem. Anyway – if anyone happens to see this let me know what you think.

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