“Misprint leads to $128.6 million lottery jackpot” (Bill Waters)



………………..lottery ticket error—
………………..his bad luck
………………..pays off





“Misprint leads to $128.6 million lottery jackpot” (MSNBC)


Poem by Bill Waters (see poet biographies). Read more Bill Waters on Haiku News.




  1. Chris White

    Hi Bill, nice piece. The last line turns the poem on its head perfectly.

    Dick and Laurence: I hope everything’s alright – the break in regular updates makes me wonder if something’s happened. Best wishes.


  2. Laurence Stacey

    I agree, this is beautiful work Bill!


    To be honest dude, I have not heard from Dick at all myself…I’m wondering if everything is alright. I have his number. Its quite long distance, but I may actually have to call him.

  3. Chris White

    Hi Laurence,

    that does sound kind of worrying. If you do speak to him could you let me know that he’s alright? I’m glad to hear that you’re alright though. I’m reading what you sent me by the way. Really great :) I’m leaving comments on it and will send it back when I’m done.

    I hope everything turns out ok man. I’ll be in touch via email.

  4. Editor

    Hey guys – I am okay!!!! Just had major computer problems. Sorry for not being more in touch. I just had a full on week of lecturing and whatnot – and only just got a new computer today and my data back off my old computer. So tomorrow Haiku News will be back with a vengeance!!!!!

    Love you guys – and sorry for worrying you.

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