“Workers sue over English-only policy” (Neal Whitman)



deep in conversation…
the muddy river





“Workers sue over English-only policy” (News Times)


Poem by Neal Whitman (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Dick Whyte

    Stunning poem Neal – great depth of feeling for the proletariate. Walter Benjamin would be proud!!!!

  2. Neal Whitman

    What a bonus! Editors take for and take care of their poets. Awhile back I wrote a prose-poem to look like a “letter to the editor” of a newspaper complaining about landlords who do not let you keep a “poet” –– you see people who keep “poets” live healthier and longer lives.” And, so on. You see? I wrote the letter as if the o and e keys stuck.

    One your pets, I mean poets,


  3. Laurence Stacey

    I agree! This poem is stellar Neal. Your work always incorporates such excellent juxtaposition. You and all the poets here really make our job as editors a true joy!

  4. Chen-ou Liu

    Neal, I second Dick. I particularly like the concluding image.



  5. Dick Whyte

    I agree Neal – the essence of editorship is care. I am in agreement with Heidegger on this one. Looking forward to more submissions from all the wonderful poets we have met doing this site.

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