“An Apology and Correction” (Dick Whyte)


On the 8th of May we posted a poem by Bill Waters and accidentally attributed it to William Kenney. We would like to apologise to Bill and William for the mix-up. And we would also like to personally thank every one of the fine poets that continue to make this site what it is. Keep the poems coming gang! We love you.



  1. Bill Kenney

    I thought that one was above my usual standards.

  2. Dick Whyte

    Ha! I think you are both FANTASTIC poets.

  3. Bill Waters

    Thanks, Dick! You are, too! :- ) Bill, I particularly admire your 12/15/09 “gay wedding /” senryu — poignant!

  4. Dick Whyte

    :) Thanks Bill W. Yeah, Bill K’s gay marriage poem is AMAZING. Totally hit me where it hurts. Stunning.

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