“Alzheimer’s took away my parents, says son who cares for both of them” (Jack Galmitz)



my mother becomes
a child again





“Alzheimer’s took away my parents, says son who cares for both of them” (This Is Lincolnshire)


Poem by Jack Galmitz (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Laurence Stacey

    Nice work Jack! I like that many of your poems depict nature as a restorative element in human life. This particular piece has a nice sense of karumi. Lovely work my friend!

  2. Jack Galmitz

    Thank you so much Laurence. I would add that there is another way to take the meaning of the poem: contrary to the commonplace experience of feeling “young” again in spring, this poem refers to the fact that while it is spring and all life is renewed, my mother has dementia and is helpless, uncontrolled in her behavior, so there is the pathos of senility hinted at also here.

  3. Laurence Stacey

    Nice!! Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t initially see that aspect of the haiku. What an interesting way to unfold the poem. That is one of my favorite aspects of haiku, the idea that the poem opens into a kind of “small universe.” Its like starting with a seed and growing a maple. Nice work again! Very subtle.

  4. Jack Galmitz

    Thanks again, Laurence.

  5. Dick Whyte

    Yeah, that really opens the poem up. Wish I had of known that when I chose the news story for it to be paired with actually – might have made a nice link. Actually, I might go back and change the news story, possibly, if no-one is against the idea. it would be nice to have the headline reflect that aspect of the poem.

  6. Laurence stacey

    I’m not opposed to having the link changed, or even two links to allude to the unfolding of the poem.

  7. Jack Galmitz

    I’m for the idea, Dick. The news story doesn’t really compliment the haiku. Laurence’s idea is an interesting one.

  8. Dick Whyte

    Done and done. Hope this one is a bit more appropriate.

  9. Jack Galmitz

    I think the news’ article is right on point.

  10. Dick Whyte

    Excellent – I must say this really deepens the poem for me. Amazing poem Jack – I really, really look forward to more submissions from you, should you feel like it, in the future.

  11. Laurence stacey

    I agree. The article here is very well placed

  12. Lawrence Herschaft

    Great, powerful poem

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