“Teams of Physicists Closing in on the ‘God Particle’” (Neal Whitman)



world abuzz:
is worth thinking about





“Teams of Physicists Closing in on the ‘God Particle’” (New York Times)

“Black holes and the God particle” (Irish Medical Times)


Poem by Neal Whitman (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Laurence stacey

    This is stunning Neal! The juxtaposition between “abuzz” and “nothing” creates an interesting dynamic. Almost as if the sound I experience in the first unit is then flushed into silence. This image illuminates the second article nicely!

    I also like the idea that this poem comments on the state of our media and the ways we communicate with each other. Through social media sites like Twitter, we are literally “abuzz” with the thoughts of thousands around the globe. However, the communication never goes beyond a superficial level. We are living in a very “face value” phase of society, as if “nothing is worth thinking about.” Of course, sites like Twitter are not always a bad thing and have even been utilized in emergencies…I don’t know, something to think about.

    Lovely work Neal!

  2. Neal Whitman


    Thank you for all you do for your poets on Haiku News.

    twitter…facebook…texting… I CONFESS. I AM OUT OF IT.

    Quill penner,


  3. Dick Whyte

    Yeah, I agree with Laurence – with the headline this poem has a particular reading (in terms of the nothing/something debate in physics). But taken apart from that frame, the poem has more readings, one of which seems to suggest various things about the notion of communication in the twenty-first century.

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