“Medvedev halts Russian motorway plan after protests” (Paul David Mena)



a break in the heat
the cop lets me off
with a warning





“Medvedev halts Russian motorway plan after protests” (Tolerance)


Poem by Paul David Mena (see poet biographies).




  1. Laurence stacey

    Lovely work Paul! The wordplay here is excellent.

  2. Chen-ou Liu

    Paul, your poem makes me grin from ear to ear. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Alan Summers

    Well crafted haiku as usual from Paul David Mena, love it! ;-)

    all my best,

    The With Words International Online Haiku Competition 2010: weblink to competition page

  4. Dick Whyte

    When I first saw this I just loved it. Many thanks to Paul for letting us republish this little stunner.

  5. Bill Kenney

    I love this one.

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