“Attention Disorders Can Take a Toll on Marriage” (Robert Moyer)



she reminds him
to take out the garbage





“Attention Disorders Can Take a Toll on Marriage” (New York Times)


Poem by Robert Moyer (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    Robert, I can relate to your poem. The concluding word makes the poem effective.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Laurence stacey

    I agree with Chen-ou. The final unit is really what gives this poems its weight. Nice work Robert!

  3. James Tipton

    A charming poem, and the last line, so abrupt, so scolding in the implication, really works well.

  4. jimmythepeach

    Robert, the understated simplicity of your last line can be seen as the marriage accepting ADHD is not going away. The concise remark, “twice,” could have been said by either person. I see the time implied to come to the understanding is tangible. Every emotional response, blaming, guilt, feeling unappreciated, etc has been tried and discarded. What is left is a phenomenon, like rain is short and mountains are long, everyday tasks require reminders.

  5. Bob Moyer

    22 years of (former)marriage came flooding over me when I read that article; jimmy’s comment about it could be said by either person is pertinent here. Thanks for the comments.

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