“Tears, silence in NZ mining town” (Dick Whyte)



collapsed mine
the pub falls





“Tears, silence in NZ mining town” (Straits Times)

“Pike River: World rescue experts shocked at scale of tragedy” (NZ Herald)


Poem by Dick Whyte (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet. Our deepest sympathies to the families of those that died in the recent mining tragedy.




  1. Michael Henry Lee

    Another succinct example of art depicting life. A great piece of believable pathos.

  2. Laurence Stacey

    I agree! This is a lovely poem. As I mentioned to you before, I love how the collapse of the mine is juxtaposed with the “collapse” of sound in the pub. This haiku is also structured in a way that really amplifies the images; with the poem “collapsing” into a single word. Well done!

  3. Dick Whyte

    Thanks Michael and Laurence – this was something that really spoke to me so I wanted to put it into poetry. A truly tragic event.

  4. Patti N.

    A tragedy, and it leaves everyone speechless. Good work.

  5. Dick Whyte

    Many thanks Patti. It really is a tragedy.

  6. Kirsten Cliff

    Dick, thank you for honouring this tragedy with poetry. Much appreciated.

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