“Nudists get extension on eviction order” (Michelle V. Alkerton)



Glen Echo
the bare necessities
of nudist claims





“Nudists Avoid Sudden Eviction” (Newstin)

“Naturist park’s closing leaves nudists with limited options” (Nudist Clubhouse)

“Nudists get extension on eviction order” (UPI News)


Poem by Michelle V. Alkerton (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Laurence Stacey-Editor

    Beautiful work Michelle! This is a lovely senryu.

  2. Michelle

    Thanks so much for your kind words Laurence.
    Stay inspired!

  3. Editor

    I absolutely agree – this is a wonderful senryu. Excellently composed. And it has such a wonderful pun in it as well.

  4. Chen-ou Liu

    Michelle!, I agree with the above comments. The style of your haiku echoes Dylan Welch’s words: “haiku isn’t the least amount of words used, but the least amount necessary.”


  5. Michelle

    Thanks also for your kinds words Dick and Chen-ou. I’m glad Michael would approve. Still hoping to see his Tundra reappear, so I can submit again :) .
    Stay inspired!

  6. Editor

    Yeah, I have been wanting to submit to Tundra too. But alas, it is still on hiatus. At least we can dream…

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