“A 35,000 Year Old Queen Caused a Rift Between Germany and Egypt” (Terry O’Connor)



an egret’s silhouette
between worlds





“A 35,000 Year Old Queen Caused a Rift Between Germany and Egypt” (NY Times)

“Egypt and Germany Fight over Nefertiti” (Spiegel International)


Poem by Terry O’Connor. Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    “an egrets’ silhouette”

    A typo?

    Riveting imagery.

    Terry, I love your haiku and particularly like these two “word-pictures:” silhouette and .twilight.

    The concluding line is powerful.


  2. Ikiru

    This one literally sent chills up my spine! “between two worlds” spans time and space here and really brings it all together in a magical way. An excellent haiku!

  3. Terry O'C

    Thank you both for your kind words.

    The magic is with Nefertiti , her beauty seems almost eternal. Homer would have a field day.

    Thanks to the editors, Dick and Laurence, who suggested a few tweaks to the original and I am very grateful to them for that.


  4. Paul Smith

    Beautiful Terry, I sense this poem will linger long after the story has faded from view.

  5. Dick Whyte

    Yeah – this poem is a stunner. Many thanks to Terry for contributing such quality work. Y’all rock the party (it makes me so happy to see comments being left – building a community and all that).

    This poem is definitely one of my favourites so far on Haiku News. Actually, it is worth saying, the great submissions have totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks to everyone for making this possible!!!

    Much love-

  6. Laurence Stacey-Editor

    I have to agree with Dick! When this poem was first submitted, I was completely blown away. There is an elegance here that strikes me with every reading! Nicely done.

  7. TerryO'C

    Thanks Paul, Dick, Laurence, I ‘m really delighted with your reaction. Made my day (which was pretty good already )

    Lately, when popping in to read haiku news I end up browsing through your nice library of journals, sites and societies.
    It is amazing to see it all there, the little haiku and its’ worldwide family.

  8. Chris White

    This is an excellent piece, great work Terry.

    Dick, Laurence, just want to let you both know that I’m visiting the site several times a week to check all the updates. Every time there’s just more quality work. It really is astounding how successful this has been right from the off.

    It’s also great to see the healthy number of comments on this post – always exciting when new communities form, as you said Dick.

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