“Back From The Dead: Man Attends Own Funeral” (Paul Smith)



………………..only moments late for his own funeral





“Back From The Dead: Man Attends Own Funeral” (Yahoo News; Sky News)


This poem was submitted by Paul Smith (see poet biographies). Read more Paul Smith on Haiku News.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    Paul, I enjoy reading your one-stroke haiku. Nicely done.


  2. Dick Whyte

    I agree, this one is really nicely done. A very simple one-liner, but very effective in its minimal choice of words. Very nice indeed.

  3. TerryO'C

    Well, if ever there was an occasion to be fashionably late…

    Nice one Paul and a cracking story.

  4. Paul Smith

    Thank you for the comments. Can you imagine the weight of shock, then relief those attending must have felt? I bet he phones home next time he decides to stay out!

  5. Laurence Stacey-Editor

    Hey Paul, is that you in the tanka section of Simply Haiku? If so, your work is absolutely stellar my friend! It is my favorite gallery of all the tanka submitted this time around. Lovely work here too!

  6. Dick Whyte

    Hey Laurence – Yeah, that is Paul man. And you are so right – those tanka are great. For anyone who wants to see them have a look here: http://www.simplyhaiku.com/SHv7n4/tanka/Smith.html

  7. Paul Smith

    Hey Laurence/Dick, I missed these comments about Simply Haiku, thanks guys I’m genuinely touched.

  8. Dick Whyte

    Sweet man – some amazing work!!! Can’t wait to get some more submissions (wink wink). Hope you are well.

  9. Raquel

    Wonderful writer. I hope to see more of your work in our publication.

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