“New Citizen’s to see Canada’s Darker Side” (Chen-ou Liu)



stepping on my neighbor’s
he yells at me
illegal alien





“New Citizen’s to see Canada’s Darker Side” (The Star)


Poem by Chen-ou Liu (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Laurence Stacey-Editor

    This is stunning Chen-ou! The pivot in this poem is very well done.

  2. Dick Whyte

    I agree with Laurence. A stunning poem. Well done Chen-ou.

  3. Flake


  4. Chen-ou Liu

    Laurence, Dick, and Flake,

    I greatly appreciate your encouraging comments. Many thanks!


  5. Paul Smith

    Excellent poem Chen-ou

  6. Chen-ou Liu

    Paul, many thanks for your encouraging comment.

  7. Terry

    This verse has stayed with me all day. I find so much depth within and between the lines.

    Thank You

  8. Sara P.

    Excellent. Keenly observed.

    Thank you!

  9. Chen-ou Liu


    Thanks for your kind words. They have brightened my day.


  10. Chen-ou Liu

    Sara, we must have cross-posted. I’m greatly appreciative of your encouraging comment.


  11. Dick Whyte

    Hey Chen-ou,

    Nah, it was my fault. Cause Sara hadn’t commented before we had to “moderate” the comment, and it sat in the moderation pile for a day or two. But then, when I okayed it, it puts it where it would have gone if it was accepted straight away. Anyway – sorry about that.

  12. Chen-ou Liu

    Dick, many thanks for your hard work to maintain this wonderful site.


  13. Dick Whyte


    Thanks Chen-ou.

  14. Christopher White

    Great poem Chen-ou: this really does carry a lot of political weight.

  15. Chen-ou Liu

    Christopher, many thanks for your discerning eye for my poem.


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