“Setting Sail Into Space, Propelled by Sunshine” (Sara P. Dias)



glass reflects the oceans





“Setting Sail Into Space, Propelled by Sunshine” (New York Times)

“Afloat in the Ocean, Expanding Islands of Trash” (New York Times)


Poem by Sarah P. Dias (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    The juxtaposition of these two contrasting images, which are the succinctly visual summaries of two news pieces, is intellectually and emotionally powerful.

    Sara, I love your poem. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Terry

    Such a beautiful thought. Line one and two are so blissful that I was hearing Richard Strauss’s Sprach Zarathustra.
    So line three came as quite a surprise. Chen-ou has pointed to that powerful jux.

    Thanks You

  3. Laryalee

    I thoroughly enjoyed this poem, Sara…from the heights to the depths (in more than one way)….what a stretch! The links are great…thank you!

  4. Sara P.

    Chen-ou Liu and Terry, thank you for your generous thoughts. DW made some editing suggestions which greatly improved the impact of the above haiku.

    Terry, I was hearing Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina: melodic drip-drip-plinks of piano keys and breezy violin sighs interspersed with weighty pauses — reminds me of the empty spaces between star systems and galaxies.

  5. Christopher White

    Wow… I’ve just been listening to Arvo Part after reading your comment and I see why it sprung to mind when you read this haiku! Lovely poem Sara.

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