“God Particle – The Hunt For All Matter” (Laryalee Fraser)



god particle…
she rolls a snowball





“Cern Large Hadron Collider Restarts After 14 Months” (BBC)

“God Particle – The Hunt For All Matter” (National Geographic)

“The Mystery of Mass” (Scientific American)


Poem by Laryalee Fraser (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Christopher White

    Great poem :)

    The accumulating snowball really relays the idea of mass brilliantly. Not only that, but the idea of growing… the basic elements of the universe amounting to so much more as they accumulate together…

    Lovely :)

  2. Chen-ou Liu

    I second Christopher.

    Lary, glad to meet you here. I enjoy the read and like the article. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Dick Whyte

    I agree with Chris and Chen-ou entirely. An amazing poem. Beautifully crafted and so full with potential. Perfect merging of form and content.

    Great work.

  4. Terry

    Lary :)

    I love to read about the collider, it’s fascinating stuff.

    I’m quite optimistic about where it will lead. Exciting times. . . if they can keep it working.

    Great to ‘see’ you.

  5. Laryalee

    Thank you, Christopher…that is just how I felt, even though I’m unable to grasp the scientific aspects. ;)

    Hi Chen-ou, I’m glad I discovered this interesting site…good to see you too!

    Thanks, Dick…I really appreciate your comments!

    Hey Terry, it’s nice to connect again! Yes, I’m also fascinated by the overall concept, although in a way it’s a bit scary…especially reading about the fears that some people have about possibly creating a black hole. And of course the 2012 doomsday stuff doesn’t help, lol!

  6. Paul Smith

    It’s a beautiful poem Laryalee, and the science, well let’s wait and see, but it makes for good headlines.

  7. Laurence Stacey

    Hey Laryalee! I agree with all of the above comments. This is a beautiful and intriguing poem. I’ve admired your work in Simply Haiku and a few other web-zines. I’m glad to see you published here!

  8. Laryalee

    Thanks, Paul… it certainly does make the headlines!

    Hi Laurence, it’s nice to meet you! And what lovely comments…I’m blushing!


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