“For (or against) the Birds” (Dick Whyte)



………………..perfectly still the kea and I





“For (or against) the Birds” (Stuff)

“Lucky Star falls near eagle sanctuary” (Independent Ireland)

“West Alton bird sanctuary gets $4.4 million boost” (STL Today)


Poem by Dick Whyte (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet. Note: The kea is a bird from the parrot family native to New Zealand (find out more).




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    Yes, our beloved feathered friends.

    This is a one-stroke haiku that drives the reader instantly from one end to the other, without a pause for reflection.

    Dick, I simply love your poem.


  2. Dick Whyte

    Thanks Chen-ou. This was just such a simple moment which resonated. I didn’t so much write the poem as become aware of it (if you know what I mean). I am so glad you like it (cause I really like it too).

  3. Draw

    Hey Richard, I just wanted to say I have really been enjoying Haiku News. Its such a great concept and what a lovely poem, I remember you mentioned this IRL.
    see you soon

  4. Editor

    Thanks Draw – I am really happy that you are liking it. Oh yeah – I remember mentioning to you that I had seen the kea in our garden. Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

    See you real soon-

  5. Chris White

    Just wanted to second Chen-ou and Draw’s comments – this is excellent Dick. The simplicity of word choice, the minimalism, and the speed at which this reads create a sharpness of image and, for me, perfectly recreates the “perfectly still”.

  6. Laryalee

    Hi Dick,
    I really like the openness of this one…it fits well with the story, but is also excellent on its own…a moment of awareness and connection.

    It’s nice to read about support for bird sanctuaries — in my area there was a story of a different sort, with an owl rehabilitation center in danger of closing:



  7. Laurence Stacey

    Hey Dude! I really like seeing this poem in the one unit format. I agree with Chris. There is a kind of “stillness” that goes even beyond the word choices in this poem. Nice work man!

  8. Terry

    Beautifully poised, delicate moment.

    I know that part of the country from many camping trips. What a lucky star indeed.

  9. Editor

    Chris – Thanks man, that means a lot. I hadn’t really picked up on the speed of the poem, and its interaction with the stillness. Awesome reading.

    Laryalee – Thanks so much. Yeah, I always try to write poems that will stand alone as well (actually – this is an ethos which is important to the site as a whole). Yeah – I love birds and feel we should look after them (particularly since we went and made all these cities which ain’t great for bird living). Thanks for the great link.

    Laurence – Thanks dude. This one came out so fast, and then it was over. And yeah, the one unit brings this one out I think. As 3 it doesn’t quite have the same punch. I love that the stillness came out so strongly.

    Terry – Thanks so much man. Oh wow – you know the sanctuary where Lucky Star landed? That is so cool.

    Thanks everyone. I had no idea a little poem like this would get so much attention. Yay for birds and the world at large….


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