“The new face of slavery in the US heartland” (Laurence Stacey)



………………..sex for sale
………………..in the heartland too—
………………..hazy moon





“The new face of slavery in the US heartland” (Taipei Times)


Poem by Laurence Stacey (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Terry

    So distressing to read.

    The verse picks up on the shock element here. This horrendous problem is not just on the doorstep, it is inside and has been for some time.


    It certainly seems to be a tactic of these kinds of operations, that they decentralise. It must make the victims feel very isolated and afraid.

    This should be front page news everyday. Part of my distress is at our/my own naiveté and ignorance of these goings on. In the Taipei Times even Sheriff Gene Kelly was surprised . . . I mean do the authorities know what’s going on ?
    Is it a priority ?

    Further research found this Mick Moore fella. His article came out a few days before the Times , it is very similar :) while going on to make a few more controversial statements and of course manoeuvring on his platform until he has managed to make this another mini battle on his crusade. (see comments)


  2. Chen-ou Liu

    The concluding imagery is emotionally and psychologically powerful.

    Laurence, an engaging read. Thanks!


  3. Chen-ou Liu


    Thanks for these two links.


  4. Laryalee

    Laurence, this is a shocking story, and your haiku speaks volumes…it’s time that haze was cleared away and action taken!

    Terry, thanks for those links, too.

    Out here in BC, with the Olympics coming in a couple of months, there’s a fear of the problem increasing:


  5. Laurence Stacey

    Hey guys, thanks for such great readings! Human trafficking and sex slavery are two of the most heinous aspects of the American underworld, yet they are seldom addressed. This story really blew me away. Thanks for the extra links too Terry!

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