“Cancer Deaths Drop in Europe as Smoking Rates Fall, Study Finds” (Dick Whyte)



………………..between classes
………………..a no-smoking sign
………………..on the ashtray





“Cancer Deaths Drop in Europe as Smoking Rates Fall, Study Finds” (Bloomberg)


Poem by Dick Whyte (see editor biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    This haiku could be read as a critique of the news piece, in which there is no mention of child and teen tobacco use.

    According to American Cancer Society, the number of younger Americans who smoke has been going down since the late 1990s. BUT, the rates of tobacco smoking among teenagers are still higher than those of adults. On top of that, about 1 in 7 high school boys use some form of spit or other type of smokeless tobacco. More than 2% of high school girls use spit or smokeless tobacco.

    (accessed at http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ped/content/ped_10_2x_child_and_teen_tobacco_use.asp)

    Dick, the imagery is impressive and the message is powerful.


  2. Laurence Stacey

    Excellent reading Chen-ou! I agree, this poem is stellar :D

  3. Flake

    very zen

  4. Dick Whyte

    Thanks Chen-ou, Laurence and Flake. I have a soft spot for this one too.

    Amazing reading Chen-ou – thanks so much. I am so happy this one was so profound for you. It’s been quite a long time coming this one. There is a rubbish bin outside the building where my office is at work (the most convenient place to pop out and have a cigarette – I am a smoker) which has an ashtray in the top of it with signs which say that you should put ash in it. But then on the wall behind it there is a no smoking within 10m meters of the building sign.

    The first time I noticed must have been six months ago and I wrote the second two lines. Then it took six months to find that first line.

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