“Furor swirls over White House gatecrashers” (Laryalee Fraser)



guest list—
a bare maple bathed
in moon-glow





“Furor swirls over White House gatecrashers” (CBN News)


Poem by Laryalee Fraser (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Chen-ou Liu

    Lary, I particularly like the imagery of your poem, which symbolizes the bareness of the spirit of our celebrity-obsessed culture.


  2. Laurence Stacey

    I second that! This is a beautiful verse.

  3. Dick Whyte

    Indeed – that’s a great reading Chen-ou. I love the contrast between the guest list and the bare maple in the moonlight. Just lovely.

  4. Terry

    Lary, this rolls off the tongue like some exquisate delicacy that I could never afford unless I too could manage to gatecrash the Whitehouse dinner.

    Delicious !

  5. Laryalee

    Chen-ou, I’m happy with your reaction…I could not believe how much attention was given to this incident! (Of course, it’s now been passed over for the latest scandal…) ;)

    Laurence and Dick, I do appreciate your comments.

    Hi Terry…love your description, lol!


  6. Bill Kenney

    Certainly works very well, lary.

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