“Gay-marriage advocates hold out hope for enough votes” (Bill Kenney)



gay wedding
his father gave him away
years ago





“Gay-marriage advocates hold out hope for enough votes” (Philly News)

“Foes of California’s gay-marriage ban lose federal appeal” (Los Angeles Times)

“D.C. Council preps for second gay marriage vote” (WTOP)


Poem by Bill Kenney (see poet biographies). Read more by this poet.




  1. Terry

    Ha! That L3 just floored me Bill. A little touch of humour and sadness for a topic that I think is a little humorous and sad.

    Personally, I’d say a marriage ban was one of the most tempting things about being gay. :)

  2. Laurence Stacey

    This is stellar Bill! I remember being blown away when Dick and I first looked at this poem for submission. Very nice!

  3. Chen-ou Liu

    Bill, your choice of phrasal verb makes the poem effective and stirs the reader’s emotions and reflection.


  4. Editor

    Amazing work Bill – this one moves me to the bone. There is such a huge sadness here – not just of the action of the father or the moment of the poem, but the regrets he will have on his death bed, wishing he had of gotten to know his son, understanding that sexuality is meaningless at the end… a tingle up and down the spine… tears, but none that he would cry openly…

    It touches me and moves me… I see the whole world in a flash and it makes me sadder. Not sadder than. Just sadder.

    Beautiful work Bill.

  5. Janet

    excellent, says, so much.

  6. Janet

    sorry for the typo: excellent, says so much.

  7. Bill Kenney

    Thanks so much for those comments.

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