“Swedes send 76 million Christmas text messages” (James Tipton)



………………..Christmas morning
………………..text messaging





“Txt msgs 2 soar at Xmas” (Sydney Morning Herald)

“Swedes send 76 million Christmas text messages” (The Local)


This poem was submitted by James Tipton (see poet biographies).




  1. Djoseph

    Nice to see Sweden mentioned here. :)
    If I may, however, I believe this haiku could have more impact if the third and the second lines were swapped.
    Otherwise it’s a great comment on the way we celebrate christmas nowadays.

  2. Laurence Stacey

    Nice work! I actually disagree with the second and third unit being switched. For me, the second unit of “everybody” creates a nice floating image that really opens the poem to several different readings. That effect would be lost if the lines were switched. In addition, this is structurally more pleasing to the eye. Again, lovely work!

  3. Dick Whyte

    Hey Djoseph – good to hear from you. How have you been. Yeah, I also disagree about the switch on lines 2 and 3. On Christmas morning I do not TXT everyone, but everyone is TXTing, if that makes sense. It is a matter of integrity to the event for me. Cleverness is always fun, but not at the expense of the reality of the poem.

    Brilliant poem James.

  4. Laryalee

    What a great comment on our modern world, James! To me it’s a bit sad, though…my grandkids are into texting, and I can’t help but wonder what’s ahead.
    (One teenage grandson had to be told “no texting at the table” during our Christmas dinner!)

  5. James Tipton

    Thank you, Everyone, for your kind and useful comments. I think I prefer the line order as is, although that is always something to consider and reconsider. I thought that note from Laraylee contained a senyru in progress: “no texting at the table,” so different from the “no elbows at the table” and often “no talking unless spoken too”.
    Jim Tipton

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