“Labour rights at heart of the vice problem” (James Tipton)



………………..year finally over
………………..the old waitress
………………..walks home alone





“Labour rights at heart of the vice problem” (Gulf Daily News)


Poem by James Tipton (see poet biographies). Read more James Tipton on Haiku News.




  1. Laurence Stacey

    This is a stunning poem James! For me, this piece has a resonance that really shines through the image of the waitress walking home alone. There is a sense of loneliness yet resilience in her simple action. The walking also underscores the idea of things passing or coming to a close. Just lovely!

  2. Laryalee

    James, the story is moving, and your haiku is so very poignant.
    Again, I learned a lot…I must admit that I had to Google Bahrain, and was not aware of this small country. I see they’re planning a skyscaper tower like the one in Dubai…another case of so much money for so few, and so little money for so many.

  3. Chen-ou Liu

    I second Laurence. The poem successfully conveys a sense of loneliness yet resilience in her simple action through images.

    James, a delight to read your poem.


  4. Dick Whyte

    I also love this poem. I am a sucker for anything with a Marxist bent (in terms of dealing with working class existenz). Great work James.

  5. Michael Henry Lee

    thank you James. fantasy and reallity passing each other, strangers entering
    and exiting a bus

  6. zofia

    very evocative poem, James. In a few words it tells a life. I agree with previous comments. I also love this poem. Beautifully observed.

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