“Gazans despair year after war” (Chen-ou Liu)



crying old tears
at new funerals





“Gazans despair year after war” (Toronto Star)

“Israel kills 6 Palestinians in one of deadliest days since Gaza war” (Toronto Star)


Poem by Chen-ou Liu (seeĀ poet biographies). ReadĀ more by this poet.




  1. flake

    I enjoy this site, but I really depore it’s nostlgia, the letter heading and it’s ‘fake” newspaperness.. isn’t there a more clever way of refrencing this source with out being twee…. it’s my oinion that this site has the potential to offer respite from Mass media orchestration of Marketings highs and lows… by linking acts of crime etc to nature in head line formats, which the haiku perfectly references… surly this could be developed with a more knowing sense of humour.. I mean even the daily show can mimick news formats and bring about a glow of common involvement amongst watchers, but here you are going a lot further by litterly grounding such positions in a “natural’ world perdominantly… if it’s not righteous, which it definitely flirts with can this site emphasise it’s content with good simple counscious design that want’s to push further that post modern pastiche…. content does this.. but that bloody heading.. !!!! BEACE

  2. flake

    I apllogise for my above spelling , just imagine the word instead…

  3. Chen-ou Liu

    Flake, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Dick Whyte

    Thanks for reminding me Flake!! This is something I have been keen to get on to (just been busy). Although I am interested in the possible transgression of using something that looks like the “natural” world (view?) so that it lulls certain people into a sense of false security. The falseness of the site (and it is false, in the way a simulacra is false and real simultaneously) is meant to create this sense of security, of connection to the old world – not because I believe in the old wor(l)d (ie. nostalgia) but because it acts as a buffer for those readers who are not “self-conscious” and “knowing.” I don’t see it so much as pastiche, but more as a disguise. A way of putting on airs, of wearing a mask, of adopting an affect (in Deleuze’s terms).

    But I am just playing with the ideas, cause you know I am keen to change the design of the header to reflect my aesthetics. Not only this – I know that affectation will only act as a block to the BwO so yeah, all I mean to say, is that I agree with you wholeheartedly. Time for a new look!!!!!!!

  5. Dick Whyte

    And Chen-ou, I LOVE this poem. Amazing work my friend. The combination of images is perfect and the depth of emotion is stunning. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Laryalee

    Chen-ou, this is one powerful haiku…it stands on its own, and says so much…well done!

  7. Chen-ou Liu

    Dick and Lary, glad both of you like my poem. Many thanks for your encouraging comments.


  8. Ikiru

    This is one really GOOD haiku. For such a little poem it says sooo much, especially “old tears.” Very touching.


  9. Chen-ou Liu

    Josh, thanks for your encouraging comment.


  10. Michael Henry Lee

    bravo Chen. captures the innate violence in a fallen world, and the perpetual
    sorrow it produces

  11. Chen-ou Liu

    Michael, I hope they will give peace a chance. Thanks for your comment.


  12. Janet

    ditto, have read this one several times – what impact it has.

  13. Chen-ou Liu

    Janet, thanks for your kind words.


  14. Justin Webb


    The power in this haiku, for me, stems from the telling (and implicit retelling). It brings a sense of “history repeats itself,” and that fact in and of itself is a little saddening, but the real power is brought out, I think, by the phrase ‘old tears’ in the second line. Intensely personal–I found myself breathing heavily for more than moment. Perhaps I was close to crying along with these people–to share just a portion of their pain.

    Great work.

  15. Chen-ou Liu

    Justin, many thanks for your discerning eye for my poem and for sharing your thoughts on this.

    I hope history will not repeat itself.


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