Roddy’s Film Companion: Europe! Europe!: Intimacy (page 44)
Tuesday — April 5th, 2011

Roddy’s Film Companion: Europe! Europe!: Intimacy (page 44)

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Classic Mountain

My IRL lounge. Photo taken by Allison Maplesden.

Operation 8 arrestees: Wha happen?

Seriously, you guys! Is there anyone out there who believes that conduction the Op 8. trials away from a jury is a good idea? It scares the crap out of me is what it does. Fucking hell.

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Brian Rudman: Urewera decision fans the flame


Oh hai, awkward nostalgia

From ‘Therapy with the Vampire’, my latest fan project.

As promised, I’ve been revisiting my youth over at DA. It’s my latest fan project, and it’s about Anne Rice’s vampires. Anne, if you’re reading this, I swear on my immortal soul that no specific disrespect is meant to you or yours. If anything, this fan work hopefully demonstrates the complex intermeshing of your characters lives with mine.

For the rest of you, eventually it’ll be its own project, like Emissary from Another World, but until then, here’s a little prologue on DA (also being published in Salient). My penpal has written a very kindly review of the whole affair. Please take note of her disclaimer!

Additional notes: the layouts for this prologue comic are sometimes hideous. This is because I drew it in a new, experimental way. I conclude that the experiment sort of failed.  But it will look better when I redo it for online, rather than with that background material and all. I hope.

Best, REK.


There are THREE cities in Christchurch right now, not one.

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It’s election year!

I know who I’ll be voting for!

PR:Dick Whyte

Earthquake in Christchurch

So there was another earthquake in Christchurch today.

Heads up for Kiwi peeps, if you don’t already know, Vodafone and Telecom are asking the country not to make calls, use data or text unless urgent. Also, because of the quake, 111 service is out in Southland, call- 03 214 3779 instead.

Arohanui to everybody down there, eh.


I’m going to do some scans this weekend, it’s about time I finished publishing this goddamn graphic novel. In the meantime, here’s my latest photo …uh… “essay”.


Fuck you, John Key

Proving he’s a typical Kiwi bloke Key said that if he could be any sporting star he’d be an All Blacks captain but added he wouldn’t mind taking a swing at being Tiger Woods either.

“Obviously for the money I would be Tiger Woods. You get paid a truckload of money,” he said, adding “there are other benefits that clearly come with the job” too.

The conversation took a sexy turn after Veitch asked the jovial PM if he’d like to be love-rat Warnie. “Yeah, well given his current liaisons with Liz Hurley,” Key said.

On the other side of the airwaves, Veitch’s rival breakfast host, former Kiwis league great Dean Lonergan said Key’s comment had made him respect the PM even more. “John Key is a strong leader and a very good family man,” the LiveSport host said.

“Those women who might be upset at his comments are obviously just disappointed they never made John Key’s list and never will.

“He’s a normal man who expresses normal manly sentiments from time to time. I didn’t hear the comments live to air, but I have no doubt they were said with a level of decency befitting any broadcast.”




Everyone remembers who Tony Veitch is, right?

Sometimes I think there’s no point even talking about this because they just win. Every time. Fucking bullshit boys-club crap bollocks just wins every time. And the national media acts like any time a woman person might be personally insulted by this crap is because they’re sad they’re not pretty enough for the skeezy, douche-canoe of a PM. It’s like my anger is already contained by their rhetoric, it’s like I can’t even yell because they’re just going to turn around and say “we knew you were going to do that, because you’re ugly.”

The worst part of it is, there’s a little part of me, deep down inside, that believes it. Just like I took it kind of personal in a secret way all the things the Key government has said about low income earners and people who’ve been on the benefit, and academics especially. And I know I do good work – a great deal of it pro bono and a great deal of it with my first thoughts to the good of my community, if not my species. I’m pretty bright, and there’s a way of reading my life that I basically gave up success to muck in on humanity. But everything Key said made me feel like shit, like if I wasn’t a good capitalist then I wasn’t a good person. And I know I shouldn’t have listened. But I did because deep down I feel like it’s true, because everything he was saying reflects the attitudes of people who have spoken down to me and belittled me in the culture I grew up in.

And it’s basically the same with this. It’s not even that John Key thinks some women are hot. In fact, on him for talking about sexuality. What sucks is the way he becomes a fucking hero, a “normal” fucking “bloke.” I’m so angry about that, the coverage, that I feel sick inside. But there’s so little I can do. To paraphrase Cynthia Heimel, the sky is blue, the status quo champions men who sleazily trivialize women.

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